Synthetic turf change out on the tee line

Is there ever enough turf on a busy practice range tee? In many cases there is not, and an area of synthetic turf is the only option to keep golfers happy. If you’re thinking about installing a synthetic turf at your golf course, you should watch this video below. In it I explain the process and show you how a new tee line is installed. If you have ever warmed up on one of the old types of synthetic turfs, you know when they wear out it hurts your hands after you hit the surface with your club. I have seen that the nylon material wears out in about three years, depending upon traffic and sun light exposure. The new materials are now made out of polyester and are made to withstand heavy use. The cost has come down over the years and it makes more sense to look at these products as a solution to your shortage of tee space.

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  1. Hi Eric,
    Couple questions…
    *Does this type of surface require any topdressing and maintenance?
    *I know you installed it in Florida. Would the frosts and freezes in the Northeast pose problems with this type of material (create uneven surfaces)? Especially with no drainage through the mat.
    *Can you provide an approximate cost per square foot?

    Paul Sabino
    Thae Farms CC
    Wallingford, CT

  2. Paul,

    Thanks for your questions. There is no topdressing or maintenance. I feel you should cover the surface with plastic to keep the ice and snow off of it. Might last longer. I installed it on a sand/concrete screening base so the water can flow front to back and away from the surface and material. This mat cost $16,000 for a 12ft by 160ft install. The old one cost $26,000 so the new material is cheaper and lasts longer. Hope this helps.

    Have a good night.


  3. Thanks for the info Eric!


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