Fairy ring
Fairy ring shows up after a three year hiatus. Summer time is here and soil temps are at their peak and boom out comes the fairy ring. Yes, it’s that time of the year when our mushroom producing friend shows his face and tries to kill the greens.

On Monday morning we did not have any signs of fairy ring and by Wednesday afternoon we could see the rings of decline with mushrooms starting to show up. What changed so fast you may ask? We started the third round of aeration on the Tif-eagle greens and the soil temps are at 95 to 100 degree. This is all it took to let the fungi wake up and take off. Remember that there are over 60 different fungi that can be associated with the symptoms. The odds are against you not experiencing this problem in your turf management career.
Fairy ring on tifeagle bermudagrass
I went to the office, picked up my Fieldscout moisture meter and headed back out to the three greens I noticed with the rings. I tested the moisture inside the fairy ring and then outside of the ring and was shocked at the difference.

Moisture meter
Inside the moisture was 22%.

Fieldscout meter
Two inches away the moisture was 33%

We sprayed a strobilurin fungicide along with a wetting agent this morning and watered it in for six minutes. I do not spray any preventive fungicides and only treat when I know the problem will not go away by itself. We have not sprayed any strobilurin based fungicides for six months so it should work in one shot. I will keep you updated on the process of keeping the disease in check and when the rings disappear. I would love to hear your story about dealing with fairy ring.

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  1. We will spot treat greens with pro star and have had great success. Full blanket apps. of pro star are not used as we have found a link to antracnose with it.

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